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Hello Loves! I wore this outfit this last weekend while I was running errands all day. It was a bit chilly that day or at least for California standards so I decided to go with something casual and comfy. So one thing I love to do when I’m having a bad hair day or just don’t want to deal with my hair is throw on some kind of hat. So this day I wore a black beanie, which in all honesty is kind of an old item of mine but still a goodie, a camo green sweater, black leggings and boots. I really love to dress up but sometimes on the weekends or if it is cold, I don’t mind a super casual day. So I put this look together for an effortless chic style. A look like this you can wear all day but still feel put together and presentable to the world. Which I definitely love and is always a go-to style for me! Hopefully you all love the look!

Top & Black Boots: Marshalls

Beanie: Don’t remember because it is pretty old (Sorry!)

Necklaces: Charlotte Russe

Purse (Steve Madden): Marshalls (Tip, I scored this super cute purse at Marshalls for only $20!!!!! Always check the RED tags at Marshalls/Ross to find the best deals!!)

Leggings & Camo Green Sweater: Styles for Less

Hair Extensions: Bellami Hair (I use hair extensions to add thickness to my hair, not really length & my Bellami Extensions do just the trick! They are amazing!! I use the Bellissima 220gram 22″ Dark Brown set, you can find them here!)