PSX_20160726_184804 PSX_20160727_192902 PSX_20160728_200823 PSX_20160728_200954 White Lace Cap Sleeve Dress (Sammy Dress) PSX_20160728_201549Hello Loves! I’m here again with another look perfect for any bride-to-be. Except this time, this look is super affordable, like ridiculously affordable! How inexpensive are we talking you ask?? How does, $11.66 sound for this dress??? Too good to be true you say!! Well think again because it really is only $11.66. Now, granted when I received this dress from Sammy Dress, it wasn’t the best quality I had ever seen, but if you are planning to attend a special occasion or maybe have a bridal shower coming up, this dress would honestly be perfect for that! I want to be completely honest in my posts and let you know that I ordered a size Small and I really should have got a Medium. Simply because if you have a large chest, this dress is going to be pretty tight in that area, so you may want to size up! Overall though, this dress is pretty dang cute and made me feel super girly when I wore it! I hope you all love this post, and let me know any questions you may have below! As always thank you for stopping by! xoxo, Amber

White Lace Cap Sleeve Dress: Sammy Dress

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