So I recently had the privilege of going to Billion Dollar Brows and getting a tour of the office. First, I have to say if you have not heard of Billion Dollar Brows, then you need to run not walk to your nearest Kohl’s and pick up their amazing brow products! Billion Dollar Brows is a So Cal based company that was started by Natalie Plain and her husband. Natalie at a very young age realized that a woman could look and feel good about herself, simply based upon on how good her brows looked that day. This was sort of a light bulb moment for Natalie to have realized she could make a business based around brows! Natalie and her husband started their business with only one product, the brow boost. This was right around the time that online ordering was just getting started and Google AdWords were dirt cheap! So Natalie being the business savvy woman that she was, bought a bunch of Google AdWords for pennies and was able to grow her online business.

The company soon branched out and opened their first store in Beverly Hills at a time when no one was into brows or brow grooming. They developed their own wax and that quickly became a favorite amongst estheticians and salons alike. It wasn’t long after that BDB as the company likes to call themselves for short, was picked up by Kohl’s and a few Rite-Aids. BDB realized that they would have two revenue streams moving forward, the pro-side and the consumer-side. Today, BDB is a global brand sold in countries like Japan, Australia, UK and Russia just to name a few. The company has stuck to their guns all these years and continues to deliver amazing quality products that are vegan friendly, animal & cruelty free, all natural ingredients and are affordable as well.

The main take away I took from my experience at BDB was everyone there was a family. Till this day they remain a small staff and work closely with one another. From Narcissa who is the brow wizard and guru, to Jade their social media expert, everyone there is super friendly and kind. The minute I walked through the front door, everyone was more than accommodating and nice. I also love how Natalie and Bob still till this day go in everyday to the office and make sure that everyone has a voice and is heard. Natalie has even changed the conference room into a makeshift office just so she is closer to the rest of the staff. So if you are looking to support a company that knows the importance of community, being true to oneself and supports and uplifts one another, then make sure to check out Billion Dollar Brows, I guarantee you won’t regret it! xoxo, Amber